Rob in Nodak Land (fargonrob) wrote in gaypaganbears,
Rob in Nodak Land

Visualization help

If your having problems visualizing yourself when your working away or out of your normal reality, project to that place and then, look at your hand. Have no other reason to be there but to just sit and look and adjust.

Your hand, is part of you that you see all the time, great focus object, keep working on that or coming back to it if you loose focus. Then look at other parts of you, and then start to look around close to you. Keep looking, a little further.

And go where YOU want to be, even if can't see it, then see the darkness, find yourself and then look around. Create a light if you need. If your not where you expect and it's not acceptable, wave your hand slowly, look to where you want to be, and in that vision see it then pull yourself into that place, as though a tunnel.
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