Rob in Nodak Land (fargonrob) wrote in gaypaganbears,
Rob in Nodak Land


I am new to this group, so I thought I would post a hello.

One of the things about the word Pagan is it has a very wide useage and many people that fall into those useages. Depending on where you stand, based on websters even Christians can be considered pagan. First entry in Websters "heathen: a person who does not acknowledge your god".

Thing is, most of us would realize that we are pretty much all looking to the same power, just from different points of view.

I think that most of us also think that there are things in this world that most seem to not believe or see, but that are there. This is not true for all I know, but for many of us.

About me. I do not seem to follow any tradition I have heard, but barrow from many. Few were learned in this life, and those were taught to me when I asked for help. Most of what I know from from being in touch with my pasts. One person that watched me work told me I did things no one does or has done for a very long time, and that there are other things that I am totally missing that others do. I do not set a time aside to prey or worship for these are part of life. I very very rarely use any artifice in my practice, but understand their importance and part of ritual.

When I was young I used far-sight instinctively. Seeing locations in advance, even remember a few times I found parking spots for my folks, told them where to turn and what color cars to look for. Like most, I have learned to much and the child's mind is gone and I am not as accurate now but still use far-sight.

The first spirit I spoke with was brother Bay (Southern Red Bay to be exact). I was 12 and Bay appeared as I tasted my first fresh bay leaf tea (Southern Red Bay is a good medicinal for upset stomach, mild, decent tasting and effective if made from fresh leaves, you may want to sweeten it). Mostly I spoke with plants, it took years before I saw the animals that were waiting in the wings until I called. When I need help with healing I ask my plant brothers, when I need help with the rest of the world I ask advice from the rest.

For the most part when I speak with the spirits I speak to the representative whole spirit, not a singular spirit, which I have been told is unusual. I can speak to the individual spirits when I want, but those are not my advisers but those I ask to do something for me, usually to watch someone. I don't usually ask them to effect things, to me, that would be my job, the spirits are here to guide, teach, inform and do what they need to do, not what I can do.

I also am..pretty good with shields. Few have gotten through the ones I have put up, none by accident. The 2 that have didn't do well, nor did they leave until I let them.

I have rambled far beyond what I had planned. I know here and there it seems to fit one way or another, but I am just hitting the high points. In many ways I am just an assortment of my pasts that hasn't been tuned out and combined with the perceptions of this life. At some point I learned to talk to some of those individual pasts to different degrees. And there is a different post.
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