Hermes3x3 (hermes3x3) wrote in gaypaganbears,

to join or not to join

I find this is an issue coming up for me
I am in a position where I wish to belong more closely to some people and a group and part of that means joining thier tradition. I am unsure. I have been solitary since I first started picking up things, and I am pretty well read (at least, most people seem impressed) but I just don't know. Some of the suggested requirements are easy (like reading a book, familiarizing yourself with some of thier practices and interests) others are harder. Like the idea of doing a ritual in a certain proscribed way, or having to follow the set structure. One that really has me going in circles is the request to get a black handled athame. Now, I am sure you wonder, how hard is that. Well, I have an athame. It isn't black handled, but it is an athame and its mine. It was the first tool I ever got and I used to sleep with it under my bed forever. Its the only tool I don't have multiples of (like wands, chalices and pentacles etc...) and I feel wrong about getting another. I am curious to hear what anybody else feels in relation to joining a group vs solitary dynamics, or being involved but separate.
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