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I am new to this group, so I thought I would post a hello.

One of the things about the word Pagan is it has a very wide useage and many people that fall into those useages. Depending on where you stand, based on websters even Christians can be considered pagan. First entry in Websters "heathen: a person who does not acknowledge your god".

Thing is, most of us would realize that we are pretty much all looking to the same power, just from different points of view.

I think that most of us also think that there are things in this world that most seem to not believe or see, but that are there. This is not true for all I know, but for many of us.

About me. I do not seem to follow any tradition I have heard, but barrow from many. Few were learned in this life, and those were taught to me when I asked for help. Most of what I know from from being in touch with my pasts. One person that watched me work told me I did things no one does or has done for a very long time, and that there are other things that I am totally missing that others do. I do not set a time aside to prey or worship for these are part of life. I very very rarely use any artifice in my practice, but understand their importance and part of ritual.

When I was young I used far-sight instinctively. Seeing locations in advance, even remember a few times I found parking spots for my folks, told them where to turn and what color cars to look for. Like most, I have learned to much and the child's mind is gone and I am not as accurate now but still use far-sight.

The first spirit I spoke with was brother Bay (Southern Red Bay to be exact). I was 12 and Bay appeared as I tasted my first fresh bay leaf tea (Southern Red Bay is a good medicinal for upset stomach, mild, decent tasting and effective if made from fresh leaves, you may want to sweeten it). Mostly I spoke with plants, it took years before I saw the animals that were waiting in the wings until I called. When I need help with healing I ask my plant brothers, when I need help with the rest of the world I ask advice from the rest.

For the most part when I speak with the spirits I speak to the representative whole spirit, not a singular spirit, which I have been told is unusual. I can speak to the individual spirits when I want, but those are not my advisers but those I ask to do something for me, usually to watch someone. I don't usually ask them to effect things, to me, that would be my job, the spirits are here to guide, teach, inform and do what they need to do, not what I can do.

I also am..pretty good with shields. Few have gotten through the ones I have put up, none by accident. The 2 that have didn't do well, nor did they leave until I let them.

I have rambled far beyond what I had planned. I know here and there it seems to fit one way or another, but I am just hitting the high points. In many ways I am just an assortment of my pasts that hasn't been tuned out and combined with the perceptions of this life. At some point I learned to talk to some of those individual pasts to different degrees. And there is a different post.
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oh wow, you sound like someone i'd like to know... plus you're cute n stuff :p

er, hi, nice to meet ya ^_^
Why thanks, I am just as questing as any that stop to listen to the universe and find that there are a multitude of voices that most don't seem to hear.

Nice bibs :)

Deleted comment

Thank you, just found out there was a group here!
Like the others, I'll welcome you to the group. If you're inclined to writing, I have a group you could also join... it's primarily for writers who are pagan-oriented, but they don't have to write pagan stuff.

Anyway, you sound like a very intriguing man. Far sight sounds cool. When I was 14 I was able to predict things 1-3 seconds before they happened, but it was always unpredictable and uncontrollable, i.e. I couldn't predict willfully, the flashes would just come to me. But I've far since lost that ability. Interestingly enough, that year was the culmination of years of abuse and hatred in my life and shortly thereafter I was much happier in another household, and with that happiness fell out of touch with previous "abilities". It is still a very difficult journey to gain things back. I look forward to hearing more about your beliefs and/or philosophies.

*HUGS* Dave
Gald to hear you found a better life and made it thought.

As to regaining things lost, I found that part of using our gifts when we are past youth is to find the place that brings you peace and let's you connect to those things. Then practice.

For me, about 2-3 weeks in a very wooded area without too many folks around and most of my connections are restored and those things that are hard nearly impossible.

This is where many folks turn to meditiation, artifice or rituals to help them reach what our world is telling us can't be. Yea that part of growing up is learning that what we knew as kids wasn't right, trouble is for those that have gifts, it often means loosing them.
Yea, I lost a lot in my growth towards a "respectable" person, or rather my descent into one. But, I'm slowly working on it. I've got a great new boyfriend who is a healer/teacher, but I only will get to see him about once every few months as I'm a trucker out on the road all the time. That adds to the stress, and the difficulty in meditating. But I'm working on it.

Funny how things change though. Whereas I had a bit of foresight as a kid, nowdays I have a gift for visualization, feeling energy, and a "truth" sense.
Oh, and I was intrigued when you mentioned plant spirits. I know they have energy, but I never thought of them as having a spirit all there own that you can communicate with. I recently discovered my wolf animal spirit, though I've not been able to communicate with him yet... he's an old greying wolf who seems to just lounge around, waiting for me to be able to hear him.

And on that note, sortof related to you speaking to plants, I remember two distinct instances as a child when for a few split seconds I was actually able to hear my dogs speak... they weren't communicating with me directly, but it was as if I had a Star Trek universal communicator and could understand what they were saying in English jsut for a few moments. It was out of this world... but once again, it's part of that innocence as a kid you have when everything is possible, and then the environment you grow up in builds walls against those potentials and possibilities. And it's so difficult to tear down those walls... it's as if I can only get one brick at a time out of the Great wall of China!
All things have spirits. Some are harder to listen to (modified things like chairs may not become a cohesive unit for a century or more, or a cut rock my not have a voice you can hear as it's so separated from it's home. Living rock, exposed rock on a mountain..they speak so slowly it can be hard to hear them as our time and there time is experienced so differently.

As for your Wolf, have you tried to talk to him? Ask him questions, start with his name. When you hear his name you should be able to talk to him.

About the first part, spirit is a great deal on how you view the world. In essence we are all energy, the world is vibrant with it. One level of that energy is what we know as spirits, just as the energy that makes your physical body makes up that. That is almost too scientific but the idea is that all things have spirits, some have voices we are more able to hear.

I know my house has a definite presence all it's own, not a haunting or something.

Plants are alive, so their voices are usually easier to hear, when your ready to hear them.

My truth sense went off on that last sentence :)

It's hard to speak in my visions. Everything that ever comes to me as a voice through other beings in my visions comes as visuals or pictures, not things I can hear. So that may be why it's so difficult. There was one instance where apparently I wasn't understanding the message so whomever was sending it to me just flat out spelled the message out in the sky!! That was funny.

Do you know how frustrating it is as a beginner to have the beings in your dreams/visions just pointing around and you have no idea what they're pointing at, and when you ask questions, they just point some more or don't even bother, or just fizzle away from existence? It's very frustrating. I know patience is a virtue, but it's an awfully damned frustrating virtue. :)

And I suppose I never have flat out asked my wolf it's name. I was told you don't ask such things, that when they are ready their name will come to you.

Ah! I just remembered! When Wolf first came to me, he did actually speak to me. He said, "I will guide you." That was it. And he's never spoken or guided since... lol. He just hangs around like a pet, enjoying the grass on the hill, or laying at the mouth of the cave... wherever my visions take place. He is an old one, so he probably is epicly patient.
First, we all interact with the spirits in our own ways.

I say this as how I do it is different.

How your describing how the spirits guide you, pointing things out and making you figure them out, is how they usually work. You have to figure it out, your asking something or needing something specific and the most they can do is lead you to the realization, hence no words.

And sure you can ask their names respectfully, they don't have to tell you. With a single spirit it's likely that for them giving you their name gives you more power over them. You can ask, and if he does not tell you, ask how you can earn his trust. This may lead you to a vision quest or tasks you must undertake, or changes in how you view the world, what ever the spirit requires, or feels you require. It may be patience is one of the lessons you need to learn and is what he's waiting on. (noting part of your message). Many folks work with their spirits not just as guides but as helpers and ask they help them do things, hence why the power over them must be earned.

For me, I work in the conscious mind, in a full wakeful state. When I call on bear or eagle or bay, we speak and they can guide me. Sometimes I can get direct answers, other times they don't answer, or they sometimes call another spirit. My interactions are not usual and based on one the pasts.

I don't usually work in visions like a lot of folks do. Oh I can experience/utilize the technique, usually when I am looking for outcomes and predictions, but for me they are not a place where I do my thing. I have tried but for me it's more effective to speak to them or work the energy near me, or what ever I need when I need it. I know, not how most work.

To each his own abilities and technique. I wish it could be that easy for me. And my visions are done in a wakeful state as well. It's more of a visualization. I close my eyes in a restful position and then visualize myself in a location and wait for the location to fill itself out and wait for whomever is supposed to be there to pop in. I try not to force things, as I am prone to do, and when I don't things seem to flow easier.

Though I have been very stressed lately, and haven't done any visualizations for quite some time, probably a few months. I need recharged and am waiting to visit my hubby in St. Paul in two weeks for that... he recharges me. I don't yet know how to ground myself - it's one of the first things he's going to teach me.

And yes, patience has been the mightiest test I have been given since the beginning nearly 8 years ago. I have failed/given up most times, and thus I suppose the test restarts. I think the goal is for me to stick it through and stop forcing things, to just let things happen as they will, hence why I don't feel comfortable asking questions yet, because I don't want to seem more impatient than I already am. The 'not forcing things' is the one thing I've learned to do so far, so I just have to wait and see what's next.

I had a bit of a hiccup in my visualizations when I met a new friend back in March who veered me off course with his own particular path and got me focused on something else which wasn't really important. That's when my "visualization place" changed from a mountaintop fountain to a cave under a waterfall. Since then (about July) I've not been able to visualize anyplace very well.

I'm sure being recharged will help this situation, so I'm eager to see what happens when I start returning to my mountaintop.

I'm glad you've been willing enough to chat with me, but is there another way we can chat more directly? yahoo messenger, or via email? Or better yet, I'd love for you to introduce your path to my group circleofwords

Once I meet back up with my hubby, I'll be posting more on there as I get back into the groove of things. I'd love to have your voice in the discussions.

Hi There,
Thanks for sharing. I love the part about plant spirits. I am just coming into that on my own.

Once you start to be able to speak to them, it get's easier to reach them when you want.

If you make a connection to one spirit, for me at least, I found you can ask them to help you meet others. Don't know how far you are, but for me, it helped when I didn't ask to meet a specific spirit but a guide to learn a given lesson or help with something specific.