Hermes3x3 (hermes3x3) wrote in gaypaganbears,

Requests for magic

Have you ever had a total stranger come up and ask if you could cast a spell?
how did you resolve it? Did they offer you money? Whats your feeling on the ethics or moralities of such a situation?

Recently, online, some total stranger (who happens to live near me) left messages all over the place requesting a spell caster to perform, a "break them up, bring us back together forever and make her pay" spell. She apparently posted this every where she could, and also explained that she had been cheated by online frauds, and she wanted someone real. No one in the place where I first saw it, even offered, strongyly suggested she do it herself, to which she constantly explained "oh I can't do that, I don't feel competent enough to". It was interesting. I also did not help her, but directed her to somebody who might give her direction. She then thanked me later. I hope what she wants works out for her, but still, kinda makes you wonder.

I would love to hear any response to this. Personal stories would be great!
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