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Join us on October 28, 2007

Join us on October 28th 2007

For the annual Gay Pagan Candlelight Vigil

The Temple of Antinous and his sacred Knights invite all gay pagans and their friends to join us for a Candlelight vigil to honor our gay pagan brothers and sisters who have past from this realm because of Aids, martyrdom from gay bashing and the plague called crystal meth to join us for a candlelight celebration of hope, meaning, and compassion. Antinous the God of Homosexuality who died on October 24th 130 C.E. and became the last pagan God. Antinous is the God of healing and the arts. If ever the Gay community needed a God it is now. We will meet on the north east corner of Crescent Heights and Santa Monica blvd next to the aids memorial at 7:00 P.M. and will walk to West Hollywood Park in Honor of the loved ones we have lost to the three plagues.

Bring a Candle and an open heart and join us on this journey of healing and hope

For more information about the temple of Antinous go to

www.templeofantinou or http://groups. group/Ecclesia_ Antinoi/

PS to those I told it was on the 24th, I was informed today that it is now on the 28. So, mark you calendars if you desire to go.
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